University of Wuppertal

University of Wuppertal (BUW)

Founded in 1972, the University of Wuppertal (BUW) is a dynamically growing university. The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science has been a research-oriented department for decades, being among the top third in Germany-wide rankings on mathematics.

The executive body comprises the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Chair of Stochastics (Prof. Dr. Hanno Gottschalk, Dr. Matthias Rottmann) and Chair of Applied Computer Science - High Performance Computing (PD Dr. Karsten Kahl). Furthermore, Hanno Gottschalk is also chairman of the Institute for Mathematical Modeling, Analysis and Computational Mathematics (IMACM) and a designated founding director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Machine Learning and Data Analytics (IZMD). The scientists are also involved in the Bergische Innovation Platform for Artificial Intelligence (BIT-KI).

With the establishment of the interdisciplinary centre "Machine Learning and Data Analytics" as a central scientific institution, the University of Wuppertal is pursuing the goal of creating an inter-faculty institution for interdisciplinary research and transfer in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis. The IZMD is based on two supporting pillars, namely scientific research in the above-mentioned fields as well as transfer activities and cooperation with the regional economy, civil society, public institutions and intermediaries. The transfer pillar called "Bergische Innovationsplattform für Künstliche Intelligenz (BIT)" is advised by a transfer advisory board. In addition, the IZMD supports the relevant study programmes by creating opportunities for subject-related internships and contributing to application-oriented content and formats in the study programmes.

Referring to the research project KI Delta Learning, the University of Wuppertal focuses on didactics and evaluation.