TU München

Technische Universität München

The Technical University of Munich is an internationally renowned research institution. In particular, the Visual Computing Lab of Prof. Nießner is researching cutting-edge topics in the field of 3D reconstruction, semantic scene understanding, and is a pioneer especially in the area of machine learning processes on 3D data (3D Deep Learning). Its expertise is reflected in leading international conference and journal articles, e.g. VoxelHashing, ScanNet, BundleFusion, 3D-MV-CNNs, 3DMV, 3D-SIS, Scan2CAD.

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is also the university network partner with its location in the Bavarian capital. In addition to its academic educational mission, a central point of TUM is top international research and the spin-off of start-ups in the Munich region (e.g. UnternehmerTUM).

In the project KI Delta Learning, TUM will be particularly involved in the area of transfer learning.